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13 Things You Do In The Holiday “Show Break”

We all value our family time, and nothing quite says the holidays like no auditions, no rehearsals, no classes, no workshops, no… no… actually does that sound like anyone else’s idea of hell? Two or three months between audition lineups. Dance classes breaking for weeks or even MONTHS at a time. No safe, sweaty, trustworthy rehearsal rooms (unless you were lucky enough to make it into one of the few shows to rehearse through the break – we’ll have an article going into those beautiful summer unicorns for your eyeballs soon).

What are you even going to DO to fill that time up!?!

Chill guys – we got you covered!

1. Obsessively retell stories and inside jokes that your family doesn’t quite get or care about.

2. Live vicariously through your friends who DID manage to get into those summer shows.

3. Practise your very own shower time cabarets.

4. Eat all of the food you can’t when you’re trying to get “show fit”. What? Post rehearsal cheeseburgers are the FOUNDATION of any show fit diet. We’ve asked the professionals.

5. Get stuck into some solid carolling! Christmas carols are the next best thing to singing musicals.

7. Prepare yourself for the Annual Christmas ‘when are you gonna give up this theatre thing’ gauntlet from all the relatives you only see once a year. Family… right?

8. Day dream of trips to snowy, cold New York or London to see what’s what on West End and Broadway cause it’d totally be worth the expense to see ‘Hamilton’ at Christmas time.

9. Sleep. Dear god when was the last time you actually slept?

10. Take this as an opportunity to educate your friends and family about the latest and greatest Cast Recordings you can get your hands on. And no, to all our non theatre friends, they’re NOT soundtracks. How very dare you.

11. Lunch like the Ladies you are! Well, let’s be realistic. It’s more likely to be brunch.

12. Obsessively researching the next 12 months worth of shows, and slide into the DM’s of the production teams to find out just what they’re “looking for” in the lead.

13. But of course, the best use of your time is going to be spending it with the people you love. Whether that’s the family you were born with, or the one you made through the theatre.

However you spend your down time, make the most of it, it’ll be gone before you know it.

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